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Why get Functionally Fit with us

We pride ourselves on an unparalleled fitness experience in Dundee.

We provide the very best environment and coaching in the heart of the city of Dundee. Our unique, fun and varied programs allow you to reach your fitness goals whether you are just beginning your fitness journey, restarting it or looking to take your fitness to the next level!


The team who will be leading your journey towards fitness at FFD CrossFit are all experienced and trained to a high standard.

The Functional Fitness Way

We are absolutely dedicated to delivering the very best life-changing fitness and wellbeing service possible.

We proudly bring our unique flavour of the CrossFit methodology with which we believe is the perfect blend of strength training, aerobic conditioning and a simple, effective and FAD-less approach to nutrition to Dundee.

Our culture and community are second to none. We combine the training and support of our world class coaches with our diverse, inclusive and friendly member base to create this fantastic community who value their health, fitness and Wellness. You are welcome.

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