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We are still open for business!

We do however need to operate a little differently whilst we are in tier 3 restrictions. At this moment in time, we are not allowed to run “classes” and therefore we will operate an “Open Gym” style approach.

We will still have a centralised program for everyone to follow in their own time during the allocated 1-hour slots. The workout demo video and descriptor will be released at 8 pm the night before so that you know exactly what, why and how to perform your workout safely and effectively.

If you are interested in joining FFD please fill out the form and we will be in touch. For now – We are not allowing any free trials but we are offering 1-1 services including our 1-1 introduction sessions which will allow you to join our flagship programme safely

If you have ANY questions please email us at [email protected]

Why get Functionally Fit with us

We pride ourselves on an unparalleled fitness experience here in Dundee. From the warm welcome when you enter our facility, to the exceptional coaching you will receive from our well trained and passionate coaches – dedicated to YOUR fitness, with attention to detail. We have the expertise to help you get fitter, stronger and healthier whilst having fun the whole time!

Function Fitter

Our MOVE program provides plenty of cardio work in all classes for that HIIT feel! It'll get you sweaty, out of breath, and MUCH fitter!

Function Stronger

Our programs implement a touch of barbell work to help you feel stronger so you can do the things you always wanted to do!

Function Faster

In some of our workouts we like to put a time threshold in to increase your capacity over a short space of time.


We understand that you have a busy lifestyle. That’s exactly why we value convenience. From an easily accessible, city centre location with free parking, to charging stations for your mobile and a towel… don’t stress, we have you covered!

We even track your fitness with our easy to use app – keep track of your fitness as you get fitter, stronger and ultimately move closer to your goals. You can also see the workouts ahead of time, so you can plan your classes for the week!

At Functional Fitness, we pride ourselves on having excellent customer care and coaching! Implementing elements of CrossFit in our Functional Fitness, technique, scalability and coaching are at the forefront. This ensures we keep beginners and experienced members moving well, and working safely towards new levels of fitness.

Enjoy a REALLY good coffee? Guess what!? We have that too!


The team who will be leading your journey towards fitness at The Functional Fitness Group are all experienced and trained to a high standard.

The Functional Fitness Way

We are absolutely dedicated to Coaching excellence. We are a gym, we definitely do fitness, but unrivalled coaching is at the heart of our core product. Locally, we do it best. From teaching people how to move safely and effectively, to seeing and correcting even the smallest movement error. Whether you are brand new to exercise or simply looking to upgrade your fitness program, our coaches will guide you through your fitness journey from start to finish and even make CrossFit fun. Let’s face it, if it’s not fun… you wouldn’t do it!

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Functional Fitness




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