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If you’re reading this then you probably want to know a little bit about me, as a person, a gym owner and a coach – here’s my attempt…
I came into the fitness industry in 2009 as a young, enthusiastic trainer with heaps of energy to train people all the hours of the day, and that’s exactly what I did. It began at Energie in Dundee’s Hill town, which is sadly no more, having burnt down. I began as a fitness instructor full time, cleaning all the machines, and taking classes – training my 1-1 clients in my spare time. Since then, I have had some excellent opportunities to work at what I believed to be, at the time as the best PT facility in the city the best in the industry locally, at Good health and Fitness, learning from some very experienced guys there.

Moved to Pure gym to push my own business and really came into my own, but very quickly learned that there is a time span on being able to train 50 PT sessions per week, a life and everything else that comes with it. I met Jonny somewhere around 2011, and subsequently decided with him that we would have a stab at owning our own gym. Originally it was supposed to be something along the lines of group strength and conditioning, where everyone came, did the same workout, scaled to suit each individual, to have a good sweat up and have fun. Then we found CrossFit, and the rest is history. We have since developed some of that methodology, along with what we learned at UKSCA doing their courses, and our industry experience – to come to what we have – which we believe to be a simple and optimal solution to real fitness for all.

As a person, I’m quite simple these days. I really value openness and honesty, along with living up to the standards we set. My life is centred around providing and being there for my amazing and supportive wife Sammie, along with my beautiful kids – Chase, Harrison, Olsen and Millie. These guys mean the world to me, and without Sammie, I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

I see fitness as a vessel for maintaining my physical state, allowing me to do all the things I want to do around chasing these 4 children about, feeling good about myself and the way I look at myself in the mirror. Fitness has a massive impact, positively, on my mental health – this is why I keep it up. I believe it to be so important to keep everyone productive, happy and healthy.

My thought process in fitness is that it should be simple, well thought out, time-efficient and everyone should do it together. I really do not like to see people training alone, and that’s not what our facilities are about. This is why The Functional Fitness Group is different, and in my opinion, the best you’ll get within 60 miles.

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