Finished on-boarding?

Great news – You have finished on-boarding. This means you have worked with one of our coaches learning all the techniques you have will need to get your results, FAST. What do you do now?! You get into classes as soon as possible. We recommend initially building up to 3 x per week, then push on for more when you are ready! Your coach will have added you to their group, and can help you along the way, as well as setting goals for you each month, to keep you on track!

The Functional Fitness System

Here at Functional Fitness, servicing our members to the highest degree is absolutely paramount. This is why we offer a framework for success to each and every person. From the beginning of your membership, we have one of our Functional Fitness Coaches give you 5 personal sessions to give you all the techniques you will need in order to fast track your results from our classes! This coach will bring you into a group of members they already have. This Coach will offer you the following as part of your membership with us:

  • Monthly Programming notes dropped into each group via social media channels
  • A Challenge each month lasting for 1 week where teams can compete against each other e.g. step challenge
  • Monthly Food recipe dropped into each group for people to try -sponsored by 40doc
  • A Knowledge piece each month based around some CPD the coaching staff work on
  • 1 Goal Setting Check in per Month for you with your coach – either via a Video call, phone call or face to face.
We feel these are the absolute basics that anyone will need in order to gain the most out of your time with us at Functional Fitness.

In addition to this, your Coach will be your go-to for any questions you have at all. They can also offer the following services over and above the usual. These services are additionally charged, but may be the thing you need for that extra, tailored approach:

PT + Individualised Extra Programming

PT sessions with the coach for specific skills or goals with the option of individualised programming to go on top of the PT sessions at the client/coach’s discretion

Individualised Extra Programming

Additional Work to be given in the format of a monthly session plan to supplement class program (this is purely programming as opposed to PT)

Nutritional Accountability

Weekly Nutritional checkups with one of our expert coaches, to keep you on track and progressing towards your goals!

Whether it be weight loss, post-natal, sports specific, or nutrition – we have an expert to help you achieve it here at Functional Fitness Group.

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