Kaleem Barreto



  • Name:

    Kaleem Barreto

  • Position:

    Personal Trainer


Young and excited to get my teeth into the life of a coach and mentor, however, don’t confuse this with naivety. Although just 21, I’ve learnt a lot in my short life to date, now I don’t mean the fitness qualifications and courses that allow me to sit here rambling to you, yet the abundance of opportunities sport has granted me. I’ve had the good fortune of travelling the world through sport, and also been pursuing a professional rugby career in some incredible environments, including – Glasgow Warriors and Scotland 7s. Through this I have worked alongside and with some of the best strength and conditioning coaches the sport has to offer and learnt an awful lot.

Why Functional Fitness Dundee you ask? Don’t worry I was reading your mind! It goes a little like this, my uncle joined, then my mum followed suit, aunty did the same, other uncle this time, think my cousin also joined thereafter. Apologies to the other 5+ family members whom I could not include in the story. It just fell upon my doorstep, it was like chalk and cheese, wait, I mean cookies and milk. It was a perfectly varied form of fitness which tied in well with my passion for rugby and kept me in good nick during the off season. Other than the fitness side of things, it was just an extremely welcoming experience, the atmosphere was unlike your standard commercial gyms, but more like my usual sporting environment whereby everyone said hello to my shy face and treated me like their own.

There are so many preconceptions of crossfit, the fitness industry and misconstrued information on nutrition out there deceiving us of living happier and simpler lives.

I want to play a small part in our community to help simplify the route that stands between you and your goal, whether that be fat loss, becoming an elite athlete or just finding an enjoyment in exercise once again!

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