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This is for those who simply want world class programming from a Functional Fitness Coach. This is perfect if you already have training equipment and are looking for effective programming for your goals and the accountability to that coach for getting it done. You also have access to tour coach if you have any questions regarding your training.

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Functional Fitness

Individualised Programming at Functional Fitness is a really powerful service to take you to the next level. Your are teamed up with one of our coaches and it is their job to give you the edge. The best part of IP is that it takes into account the class programming. The format will have you attend classes as normal but allowing additional sessions in the IP slots available to work on your weaknesses whether it be strength or skill related. Your program is written by your coach and overseen by one of our head coaches. IP is the ultimate hybrid service between classes and 1-to-1 Personal Training. One of the key benefits to the IP slots is that they are manned by a coach to assist on technique. Its a class but everyone has their own personal program.

Key Benefits to IP:

  • Your own personal program designed to work on your weaknesses overseen by our head coaches.
  • A coach will be available to help with questions and technique

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