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FRVR Nutrition

We have two goals at FRVR Nutrition, and they are very simple!
  • Results! Making sure your tailored plan is on track, and accurate to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for!
  • Something you can do FoReVeR… It’s very important to us that we can give you something you can actually take on board, and do forever. That way its sustainable, and manageable.
Here’s how we do it, and what’s involved:
  • An initial consultation with one of our coaches to have a deeper dive into what results you are trying to achieve as well as gathering all the information we require to get you where you want to be!
  • Once we have all the details we get to work. You’ll receive your own unique nutritional goals profile created by our experts
  • Your copy of the FRVR Nutrition guide to success
  • A new recipe book each month with 30 great ideas for keeping your diet fresh and healthy
  • Custom eating out guides for some of our favourite places to nip out for a little treat!
  • Regular contact with your coach over the course of each week
  • A meeting with your nutritionist to summarise the month, and plan goals for the following month. Making sure your unique profile is on track.
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Functional Fitness

Our Story

There are literally thousands of dietary plans or regimes to follow out there, so why us?! Together, we have dealt with thousands of clients over the last 12 years in the fitness industry, from all over the world. We have seen many different offerings and many different principles. This has allowed us to shape what we offer to the best we can. We see so many people fall into the trap of the ‘6-week shred’ or the ‘4-week blast’, and we see one massive fundamental issue with it. The results in 6 weeks may well be amazing, but what happens once the 6 weeks are finished?! Calories go back up (or food groups are reintroduced), and any weight lost goes back on, and more. Meaning that all you need now is another ‘4-week blast’ because that worked before. For us, this creates a habit of yoyo dieting, being overly restrictive followed by a binge. Taking all the things we like out of our diet, then allowing them back in. Looking great for a couple weeks, then losing shape again until the next time.


What if we just looked progressively good all year round?! Work towards our goal sustainably, with support the whole time?! Keeping the stuff we enjoy in our diet, but compensating for them along the way?! It is possible! When working with our experts you will not only see how we can change your plans to suit occasions you might be looking

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