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Live an able, mobile and strong life for years longer than your friends…

Our FF-Health program is a lower intensity approach to our usual class format for over 60’s. We specifically target strength, flexibility, mobility and co-ordination to set people up for success in the areas that decline the most quickly as we age. That doesn’t mean we neglect the benefits of cardio vascular health – so you can expect a little bit of fitness thrown in there for good measure.

FF-Health classes are coached from start to finish by our team of expert coaches and are limited to just 10 spaces per class. This allows for the best possible coaching and to make sure that we achieve the best possible results for each participant. Functional movements are at the core of what we do – squatting (sitting), deadlifting (picking something up) and pressing (putting something up on a shelf) to make sure we can do all those basic tasks throughout the duration of our lives.

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