Greg Robertson



  • Name:

    Greg Robertson

  • Position:

    Members' coordinator


Hello all! I’m Greg and I’m the members’ coordinator for the Functional Fitness Group. I’m here to make sure any queries or issues our members may have been assisted with, whilst also ensuring that any new members are settling in fine and enjoying what may be a daunting process for some.

I joined the team in 2019, having been a member for 2 and a half years prior to this. I don’t have any qualifications in either PT or Coaching, and when I first walked through the doors back in 2017 I was a complete novice in almost everything we do here and had to learn from scratch. I like to think this lack of experience really makes me relate to a lot of those who may find the initial process daunting or overwhelming, as I’ve been there before. So if you feel worried that you may not be ‘good enough’ or you’ll struggle, rest assured you’ll be walked through every step of the way, and you may even get a job out of it in the end!

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